Rony & Asti

Saturday, October 30th 2021

Appreciate For Your Coming

Sri Atina Winasti

Daugther of
Mr. Murdiyanto (Alm)
Mrs. Putri Nindyari Martonagoro (Almh)

Zamrony Hidayat

Son of
Mr. Siyot Abdullah (Alm)
Mrs. Siti Hindun

With Great Pleasure

Invite You

To Celebrate Our marriage

October - 30th - 2021

Reception Wedding

Oktober 30th 2021

06.15 till
08.00 PM

Canting Resto, Teras Kita Hotel

“May Allah gathers the scattered from both, bless them both, and may Allah improve the quality of their descendants, making them the door opener of grace, a source of knowledge and wisdom, and a giver of forgiveness for the people.”

(Prophet Muhammad's prayer at his daughter's wedding
Fatimah Azzahra With Ali Bin Abi Thalib)


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health protocols

Do not hesitate to come, we have coordinated with all parties related to the prevention of COVID-19. Our event will follow all health protocol procedures to prevent COVID-19. So, don't be panic, we look forward to seeing you there!

Wearing a mask

Maintain distance between people

check body temperature

Washing hands

Invited guests are expected to follow. COVID-19 prevention protocol.

“Thank you for celebrating with us on our wedding day! Your company, love and wishes made our day complete and we appreciate your love and support. ”

With Love

Rony & Asti